.tv domain at san diego twitchcon

Did you miss .tv domain at TwitchCon?

No worries – we have everything you need to know including how .tv stole the show.

Twitch made .tv domain famous

Twitch is a live streaming video platform owned by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of Amazon. The site allows gamers to live stream to Twitch users who can watch through a webcam, drop comments, and even “cheer” the gamer on with “bits” that they purchase on the platform. You can find Twitch at Twitch.tv – the top-level domain originally created for the county of Tuvalu.

However, as the 31st most popular website online and 14th most popular in the United States you could say that Twitch has brought a new meaning to the .tv domain. Twitch has amassed impressive stats, users, and accomplishments for a service focused mainly on gaming. 

Twitch .tv domain

Who is using .tv domain?

There were around 30,000 attendees at TwitchCon in 2018. This year, held in San Diego was expected to draw in an even larger crowd.

Of the attendees, those who visited the .tv exhibit had the opportunity to meet the Twitch partner and Combat & Survival Strategy Specialist, Sacriel. Many attendees even walked away from TwitchCon with their own .tv domain names! Other notable brands in the gaming industry using .tv include SmashCastOnline Performers Group and Plays

Image Source: @sacriel42

Snag your own .tv domain

Get your own .tv website address so you can own your environment. Registration for .tv is affordable for any gaming budget at $34.99/year with renewal at only $39.99/year.

Redirect your .tv domain to your Twitch handle in less than 5 minutes

  1. Login to your 101domain.com account
  2. Select the Domain Names tab
  3. Select your .tv domain name
  4. Click on Web Forwarding in the Quick Overview Section
web forwarding for .tv domain

5. Select the Enable Web Forwarding button. Use the drop-down arrow to select either Cloaking Forwarding or HTTP/301 Forwarding, whichever is applicable to your situation.

301 forwarding

6. In the Redirect URL text box, type the URL to which you want your .tv domain name to point (example: https://twitch.tv/sacriel)

insert your twitch .tv domain

7. Click Okay to save your settings

Or build your own website like Sacriel.tv

For a one-page website you can create in a matter of 30 minutes or less on your .tv domain, we recommend using a website builder.

easy website builder

For a website complete with multiple pages for live streaming, merchandise, contact info and more we recommend web hosting.

Web Hosting

In addition to your .tv domain, you may also be interested in other re-purposed country code domains. For example, .ai domain for Anguilla has become known for its association with the artificial intelligence industry. .io domain for the British Indian Ocean Territory is popular among tech users as “input/output”. Last but not least, Guernsey’s .gg domain is another popular choice for the gaming industry, particularly the eSports community. With .gg or “good game” and .tv on the market, businesses and gamers have a lot of worthwhile TLDs to choose from besides .com.