3 AI Statistics to Know in 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big investment of 2023. If you have been following the domain industry trends alongside us for the past few years, you know that domainers called it first. Back in 2017, domain investors started scooping up Anguilla’s country code .ai domain for artificial intelligence. Those who didn’t let their .ai domains expire are sitting on startup gold. We have the AI statistics to prove that those early investments are paying off. The number of .ai registrations has shot up since the beginning of the year, and .ai domain is the hottest domain in the aftermarket. If you are an organization looking to acquire a specific .ai domain, we can help you get it with our domain acquisition service.

There have been more than 1,000 mentions of AI on S&P 500 company earnings calls so far this year.

Ever since the release of ChatGPT, companies have been eager to embrace AI and cash in on the revolutionary technology. Microsoft’s stock has skyrocketed by 29% since investing $10 billion in Open AI in January of this year. According to The Morning Brew, companies embracing AI have been earning shareholders 0.4% more per day than those with less exposure to the tech. On the flip side, Alphabet’s stock plunged by $100 billion on a single day in February after its chatGPT rival, Bard, flubbed a demo.

The number of daily podcast episodes created about AI is up nearly 400% since the start of the year and almost 500% in the last 30 days.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek shared these AI statistics in a tweet on May 11, 2023, after digging into the company data out of curiosity to know how talk of AI is trending on Spotify. Apple has the greatest number of podcast listeners, with 37.3% of the market share, and Spotify follows behind with 29% of listeners, according to The Podcast Host.

AI-generated music makes up more than 14% of the world’s recorded music.

Boomy is an AI startup that uses AI-powered algorithms to create original songs influenced by music genres from rap to electronic and lo-fi. Boomy’s website boasts that their users have created 14,895,986 songs, around 14.2% of the world’s recorded music, as of May 17, 2023. According to Forbes, Spotify recently removed 7% of songs created with Boomy due to the suspected use of bots to boost its streaming numbers. A primary selling point of Boomy is to help artists get paid when their generative music is streamed on platforms like Spotify.

Musicians, artists, and streaming platforms have their work cut out to prevent AI-generated music and artwork from infringing on their intellectual property and overtaking the music industry.

AI is the future. Claim your stake in it today.