.MV domain for metaverse

You can’t escape the Metaverse—it’s everywhere. It’s in the shows we watch, it’s all over social media (thanks Meta), and with the rise of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, the reality is that the metaverse is not too far away. When Facebook’s parent company decided to rebrand as Meta, everyone started registering domain names with the term “metaverse”. Now that it has officially become a buzzword, people are buying up all of the domain names with it in it, and some people are saying that the .mv domain could be the next new domain for the metaverse. We’ve seen it happen with the .ai domain for artificial intelligence, the .io domain for input/output, and the .ar domain for augmented reality. As with any investment, it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

Here’s what you need to know about the .mv domain for the metaverse

1. .mv is a country code domain

Country code domains or ccTLDs are domain extensions associated with a country. ccTLDs are always two characters in length. You may notice different extensions at the end of website addresses when traveling like .fr domains in France, .ca domains in Canada, and .com.au in Australia. .mv is the country code domain for the Maldives.

.mv domain for Maldives

2. Registration is different than your standard .COM domain

For starters, people are used to paying less than $20 / year for a .com domain—the registration price for .mv domain is a bit more expensive and includes a one-time application fee. Not all domains require an application fee, but registering domains in Maldives is a more involved process and can take up to two weeks. You can register your name in one and two-year terms.

3. .mv domain is an unrestricted

Country code domains are often heavily used by that country, so some ccTLDs require documents to prove that you live or do business in that country. The Maldives’ .mv domain has no requirements, making it an excellent option for any person or company who wants to use it for the metaverse.

Are you going to stake your claim in the future of the metaverse?