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March welcomes Spring to the northern hemisphere of the world and with it comes spring break season. No matter if you’re still a student or not, you still deserve a break from life, and March is the perfect time to explore new exciting web resources.

Below, we’ll share our top five resources for this month:

1. is a photoblog that allows professional and hobby photographers to share beautiful travel moments. The published photos are listed under the cc0 (Creative Commons) license, which means there is no copyright attached and you can use them however you like. Every 10 days, 10 new photos will be published — they will make you want to travel the world.

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2. TripIt

TripIt helps you organize your trip. Instead of having to go through your email inbox to find the correct confirmation, you can keep all your reservations in order with the trip planner app. Once you forward your hotel reservation, your flights, and your rental car bookings, TripIt automatically creates a complete itinerary. The app is free for iOS or Android.

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3. Postcorn

Postcron is a software that allows you to schedule social media posts, like pictures, videos, or stories. Planning your social posts ahead of time gives you the flexibility to be present and dive into your business while enjoying spring break at the same time. With its “Predefined Publishing Times,” you can utilize specific posting peaks efficiently without setting your Piña Colada down.

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4. CallToIdea

Designers use the CallToIdea platform to find inspiration according to their needs. The project was developed by web designers for web designers with the sole purpose of passion and without revenues in mind. The images are carefully chosen by a team of designers to offer a unique daily inspiration.

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The interactive, real-time infographic tools from MURAL allow you to think and act like a designer. It helps teams to collaborate more efficiently, express ideas with smart inking, and draw freely when creating infographics. MURAL also keeps everybody in the loop by reporting on the progress of a project.

GIPHY Cam online tools

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