domain holiday gift guide

We’ve written about how domain names make great holiday gifts for all the loved ones in your life. Some people were skeptical about buying a gift that requires effort and maintenance. Sounds a lot like my mother complaining about the impractical Groupon deals my sister always gifts to everyone in our family. A gift can have great intentions but not be terribly enjoyable for the receiver. We want to settle the debate once and for all and prove that domains are a must on any gift list. Check out our domain holiday gift guide below to find out why.

Domain Holiday Gift Guide


Identify who is on your list.

Domain names are not the right gift for everyone. It may not be the right fit for your grandma who just learned how to use Facebook. But for your sister who is getting married soon, your younger brother who DJs, or your uncle who owns a photo booth company it could be the start of something great. Websites give people a platform to write, create, share what they love with the world, and even launch a new business. If anyone in your life fits this description, your domain holiday gift is the push they need. A domain holiday gift is a gift that keeps on giving. 

Some people don’t understand the importance of having the perfect domain name for your brand. The right name can make all of the difference. If the .com domain is still available get it. By giving your friend, loved one or family member a domain holiday gift, you’re saving them from the heartache of losing out on the perfect name. You’ll have already secured it for them!


Find a domain that suits them.

Let’s run with the example we started above. Our domain holiday gift guide will give you some ideas of how to select a relevant domain for your audience.

Does this ring make me look engaged?
young man at DJ table on stage
shuttertower photo booth 101domain holiday party

For your sister who is getting married: .love, .family, .wedding, .date.

Your younger brother who DJs: .music, .studio, .stream or the country code domain Djibouti which doubles as the domain hack for DJing.

For your uncle who owns a photobooth company: .photo, .pics, .events.

In addition to the hundreds of new generic domains, you could always opt for the safe and reliable legacy TLDs. Your domain holiday gift could be any one of these classic choices: .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz.


Keep them accountable through the New Year.

Domain names are, for the most part, a means to an end. The end is a website, the start of a brand, and an online presence. Gifting a domain name is a vote of confidence and a show of support. A domain holiday gift is a perfect way to kickstart an idea. We all have plans, goals, and resolutions for the New Year. The best people in our lives are the ones who keep us accountable. The true gift is friendship. A friendship which helps us obtain a life filled with happiness, purpose, and success.

Question for our readers:

Do you think domain name make an awesome or aweful holiday gift?