.GAME & Pokemon GO!

Channel Services Manager Sufyan Alani getting his .GAME on!

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon GO you’re probably living under a rock and there’s probably a rare Pokémon next to you. You might have noticed more people roaming the streets lately and that’s because they’re trying to catch Pokémon on their smartphones. The game offers up one simple request “Gotta catch ’em all” and everyone is taking it as a serious challenge. Pokémon GO was released on July 6th and has been taking over people’s lives and the internet at an astounding rate since. The app has already surpassed Tinder in downloads and is coming for Twitter in the number of daily users.

What does this mean for us in the domain industry? People who have been holding on to Pokémon domain names might finally be having their lucky day. It’s no surprise that Pokémon has become a hot keyword in domain names in the past seven days. If all of the good domains names are taken you might want to explore the .GAME world. Join game designers, enthusiasts, bloggers and Pokémon GOers in sharing your passion for gaming with a custom .GAME domain name. An extension created specifically for connecting thrill seekers and gamers from across the globe. Head on over to our .GAME page to find your personalized .GAME domain name! Registrations for a .GAME are available for $349.00 a year and give you an exclusive edge in the gaming world.

Pokémon GO has been very successful in playing off of our nostalgia and getting people out and about exploring the world around them. In reality is it that great of a game? No. But it’s addicting knowing there might be a powerful Pokémon nearby (half of our office can testify to this). We want to hear from you, are you a #PokemonGO fan or #PokemonGOHome?

Have fun, be safe, happy hunting and don’t forget to get your .GAME domain name! We’ll see you out there.