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It’s finally November, and we have so much to be thankful for. First of all, the 101domain team is thankful for our constant blog readers and loyal customers. This month we want to share with you some of the web resources we simply can’t get enough of. Just like stuffing, you can’t ever have enough stuffing with your Turkey.


Leadpages claims to be the number one landing page builder with almost 50,000 paying customers. Also, in our opinion, it is a great program. A landing page is a webpage with a singular focus and the goal to lead the visitor’s attention to that specific topic. For many non-tech-savvy people creating a landing page from scratch is not an option. Leadpages starts at $25 per month and offers a gallery of high-converting templates that can be customized with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

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2. Nibbler

Nibbler can be used for free to test any website you like. For that, you just enter the address of the website, and Nibbler will score the website out of 10. The report includes the SEO rating, general accessibility, and social media results. They also provide you with a list of improvements ordered by priority. To get access to all of these amazing features, choose from one of their paid plans.

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3. E.ggtimer

E.ggTimer is a simple countdown timer like the old-fashioned analog egg timer. You can set any time you want, and the timer starts counting down. The page also allows you to bookmark the specific time for repeated use. Of course, we can ask Siri or Alexa to set a timer, but watching a timer count down strangely has something very calming (or nerve-wrecking) to it.

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4. Copyscape

Let’s be honest; it is way easier to copy-paste something than writing creative content ourselves. It may be easier, but publishing someone else’s content without permission is illegal. Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection service that checks whether original content was stolen and appears elsewhere on the web. Copyscape can be used by the owner of the content or anyone who is interested in finding out if there are any cases of content theft. Regardless of who wrote the content, no one but the content writer or the person/company it was sold to has the right to benefit from it.

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5. Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey helps you to focus by blocking certain websites or apps for you. The app can even lock you out of your computer for a set period if needed. The program makes it easy to schedule your “focus” times, so you don’t waste your time with Facebook, Twitter, or more.

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