We came across a really great infographic that has to do with a seemingly never-ending battle for large corporate brands: counterfeiting. It can discredit your brand, devalue your name and diminish your customer’s confidence.

Here are our key takeaways.

Counterfeiting hurts everyone

We all know counterfeiting can damage a brand’s value but many of us do not understand the toll it has on a customer unless we have experienced it ourselves. Counterfeiting is just the beginning; it can also lead to identity theft. At the end of the day the customer isn’t going to be let down by the counterfeiter, they’ll be disappointed in your brand.

It isn’t the customer’s fault

Sometimes customers are the victims and sometimes they are accomplices, but either way they shouldn’t be blamed. Many customers do not understand the severity of their counterfeit purchases and others are so hyped to get in on the action they take what they can get. In both scenarios they ended up in the position they are in from being fans of your brand. It’s your job to comply with demands, educate customers and turn them into brand advocates who have a reason to fight counterfeiting.

Control the counterfeiting conversation

Be transparent in how you combat counterfeiting. Create an open dialogue with all stakeholders involved from design, production, transportation and purchase. Show customers what makes your brand unique and irreplaceable.

What can you do about counterfeiting?

Now we don’t have the answer to all of your problems but we do have a solution that will give you, your brand and your customers a piece of mind when it comes to brand protection and trademark monitoring. Combat counterfeit websites, monitor unauthorized retailers, prevent domain name and trademark hi-jacking, and the diversion of consumer traffic to unauthorized or malicious destinations with patented technologies that address these threats quickly and effectively. Everyone could use an extra set of eyes when it comes to protecting your brand reputation.

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