Ahhhh we can’t wait for this joyous season, when people start bashing Black Friday shoppers instead of politicians. To all of our E-Commerce friends out there, here are some tips on mellowing out and surviving the Cyber Monday season.


Create hype on social media

Between Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, consumers are planning their stops and budgeting the allowance they have to spend in advance. Harness social media to your advantage to expand your influence and broadcast your holiday surprises early. The key is early – don’t wait! Use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Email Marketing to share upcoming promotions so your customers can be prepared. Make your stop a necessary one in their mind and keep them coming back.

Be transparent about your return policy

People tend to go way overboard on Cyber Monday because the deal is in front of their face and it feels like one they can’t refuse. This leads to purchase regret and returns. No matter what your return policy is, make it clear! Once you think you have made it clear, make it even clearer. The last thing you want is to lose customers over anger or confusion on your return policy.

Do a drawing or a giveaway

Cyber Monday doesn’t work for every business. Small businesses in particular might not be able to cut prices for the day and still make up for it in revenue. If this is your case, don’t be afraid to celebrate in another way. Host contests, drawings or giveaways throughout the day. Urge people to shop, tag a friend, or sign up for something in return for a chance to win.

Remember what Thanksgiving is actually for


Breathe. As the late, great Bob Marley said, “every little thing is going to be alright.”

Don’t be that brand that entices people to stray away from what really matters this time of the year – food, family and giving thanks. (See how we listed food first?)