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HubSpot’s Persona Creator

Marketing to an unknown user is like telling a joke to an empty room. The underlying mission of every brand is to add value to someone’s life. You build this product or service for a purpose, but sometimes we need help defining whose needs we are trying to satisfy. Hubspot’s Persona Creator does just that by asking questions that helps define your target market, and they even create a visual report so you can easily present the information to your team. Don’t be afraid to make multiple personas, in fact you should!



Twitter is an art. Editing your thoughts down to an insightful 140 characters takes skills and sometimes a little magic – that magic being Bitly. Our links keep getting longer but Bitly is a free link shortening service that condenses them to share in marketing campaigns on social, email, SMS and more. Long links scare customers away, while short and sweet links draw users in. This is the same idea we preach over here at 101domain. To get help shortening your links you have Bitly, to register short and memorable domains in the first place, you’ve got us!



Toby is a free Google Chrome extension that manages your tabs. If you can say you don’t have at least 7 tabs open right now, you can skip to the next one because you’re already an organized, phenomenal human being. If you are the opposite *slowly raises hand* then this is the perfect tool for you. Toby allows you to sort your tabs into handy lists, save sessions and open later, and search through your tabs. No more keeping a long word document of random links to get to someday (oh, is that just us?). Download it today and get started making your links work for you. Productivity here we come!



When you’re at a loss for words just remember there’s an icon for that. In fact, there are 350 you can download for free from Webalys! Use them on marketing materials such as your business cards and information pamphlets, and even on your website. They offer both line style and solid style in all of the file formats you need to fit your design needs.


Sleep Cycle

Not a morning person? There’s an app for that and it’s called Sleep Cycle. We all know there are different stages of sleep: the stage where your body jerks, the stage where you get freezing cold, followed by the stage where you get really hot, the stage where you talk in your sleep and many more that probably have scientific reasoning behind them. Regardless of what you do in your sleep, we all experience phases when we are in our deepest sleep and when you wake up during this time you are the most tired. Sleep Cycle wakes you up in your lightest sleep phase so you wake up feeling energetic and ready to tackle the day ahead. Here’s how it works.


If you’re that person in the office always rolling in a little late because you spent your morning fighting with your alarm clock, or if you need 12 cups of coffee to make it through the day, give Sleep Cycle a try. Productive mornings lead to productive weeks and happy employees!