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Often times June is hectic, with weddings and graduations while the humidity is killing us in July. But August, dear sweet lovely August? It might just be the most perfect month of the summer. To make this time of the year even better, check out which web resources we can’t get enough of the most at the moment.

Web resources for you

1. Doodle

Planning an event with your coworkers or friends? Doodle is an online scheduling tool that can be used to find a date and time to meet with multiple people and can help you avoid conflicting bookings and automatically syncs appointments to your calendar. You suggest dates and times for event participants to choose from, then the program creates a polling calendar that can be sent out for feedback. The tool makes scheduling effortless by offering solutions that allow saving time and effort required to find meeting schedules. Many of the services like  Doodle mobile are free, so you can also access information using your smartphone.

LucidChart online tools

2. PlaceIt

Want your product or brand to stand out? Try PlaceIt. The mockup generator allows you to place designs or images on a mockup without using programs like Photoshop. It has a large variety of templates, images, and videos to choose from, and new images are added frequently. You can place your image, screenshot, or logo on to a specific image from their library. All images are taken by the PlaceIt staff, which makes them very unique, which will improve the appearance of your website.

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It’s always a good idea to try a new recipe, but what if your pantry is indeed full with staff just not with what you would need for a specific recipe? SuperCook helps you figure out things to eat based on what you’ve got. The virtual kitchen recommends recipes you can make with what’s in your kitchen and maybe some extra items to match up with their original recipe. Just enter ingredients, and it will start listing recipes. Every time you add another ingredient, it finds recipes using only those ingredients and only a minimum of additional items.

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4. is much more than a standard dictionary website. It combines a dictionary with an adaptive learning game that can help you mastering new words in no time. The word-focused website provides a uniquely customized experience centered on words and definitions. As you get started, a word appears on the screen, and you have to choose the one you think is correct. The site then creates future questions based on knowledge. If you answer a question incorrectly, the site schedules extra exercises to help you learn it.

GIPHY Cam online tools

5. Hootlet

Hootlet is part of Hootsuite and a free website browser extension that enables you to search social media and share directly from a webpage. It lets you watch a hashtag with live updates right from your browser while surfing other pages, and you can schedule posts to various social platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. It enables you to share interesting content with one click through a pop-up window, and without leaving the browser window, you’re using.

GIPHY Cam online tools

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