What Does Your Google Meet Background Say About You?

Google Meet is a voice and video meeting tool that allows you to collaborate virtually face-to-face. Meet includes tools such as screen-sharing and chat that allows businesses and teams to stay productive and connected whether you are working together in the office or globally distributed. There are also settings such as custom video meeting backgrounds that are just downright fun. Although video backgrounds are primarily used for self-expression, they are also a great way to maintain some privacy, especially for business professionals who are working from home. There’s usually more to your Google Meet background than just picking something at random. Your Meet background may reveal some major hints about who you are and why you’re so awesome. We’re here to give you the lowdown on what your Google Meet background says about your work life.

Generic Background

generic google meet background

You’re a wallflower and a rule follower. Your excellent listening and note-taking skills allow you to anticipate the needs of the business and those around you before anything is even asked of you. You effortlessly crush everyone in any office game—ping-pong, billiards, you name it!

Sports Background

sports background

You’re a team player in the office and always the first to lend a helping hand. You never turn down an invitation to grab a drink after work. You are competitive but in a way where you bring everyone up around you. Your life motto is, “you don’t need to get ready if you stay ready.”

Pop Culture Reference

pop culture google meet background

You’re the stereotypical millennial and you embrace it. People like to say millennials are unmotivated and lazy, but you are quite the opposite. You have a type-A personality, but it works to your advantage because everyone always asks you for advice on your organizational skills. Your Google Slide presentations are a work of art.

Troll Background

troll background

You have a silent but deadly sense of humor. You always have the most energy in the room and it’s probably because of the 7 cups of coffee you drink in the morning. The work you do day-to-day is technical and analytical so whenever you have an opportunity to show your creative side you always bring your A-game.

Vacation Background

vacation background

You are someone who enjoys the simple things in life. You are optimistic and positive in every situation. People seem to open up to you quickly, maybe it’s because you have a friendly face. Whatever the reason, it helps you forge strong connections with your clients. You are the office hype man/hype woman and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Animated Background

animated google meet background

You are the tech wizard in the office. People are always asking you to help them solve their tech issues to which you reply “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” You laugh to yourself every time. You are quick-witted with a meme in your back pocket for every occasion. You’ve memorized every word of the movie Office Space.

Try Out a Google Meet Background for Yourself

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