Stellar customer service should translate across all company interactions including social media. Just as defense wins games, customer service wins life-long fans. Many factors go into choosing a brand: a referral from a friend, competitor analysis, reviews and advertising to name just a few. However, once you enter the relationship, how the brand treats you will determine whether you continue to bring your business to them (and tell your friends about it) or stop returning their calls like a bad tinder date.

We just attended a really great event, Registrar Days hosted by Verisign and guest speaker Alex Hunter gave us a true to life example of a brand who has mastered the art of turning customers into brand advocates. For those of us who are Apple fans, when one of our products (let’s say a Macbook Pro) is at the end of its life and we need a new one, what do we do? We march straight into the Apple store and drop two grand on a new one. We don’t research competitors and we don’t ask our friends about other brands, because Apple has won us over for life.

What got Apple to this point where we are happy and willing to jump off the bridge with them every time? Well, simply, great products and amazing customer service.


Apple launched a Twitter account dedicated solely to Support

This inspired us to do a little digging into our own customer service to see how we stack up and where we can improve. Let’s take a look at some of our experiences.

Sometimes you just have to come at a problem in another direction (even if it feels like you have already attempted to solve it too many times already) all it takes is that one moment of “ahhhhh”. In this example with Serhat it was a simple lack of communication. Once we were on the same page, working to solve the same problem, we were able to knock it out in a breeze.

It’s the best feeling when we are able to turn our nonbelievers into believers – WIN!


Sometimes users turn to us on social media because that’s where they are in the moment, and it’s our job to see to it that they find the help they need. Customer service spans across all company outlets whether it’s a support ticket or real-time on social media. This case goes to show that even the pros at Buffer need a hand sometimes.

Getting the problem solved right away and bonus points for a creeper joke, that’s a WIN!


When customers reach out to us on social media it’s most likely because they have already tried traditional methods of support. Getting another response like “we hear you, we’ll respond to you soon” isn’t good enough and it’s definitely the last thing our already frustrated customers want to hear from us.

To us, this is a FAIL! And we’re working on it.


We’re humans, we make mistakes and when we do we admit our fault. When customers are displeased with something, they tell us like it is and we appreciate them even more for it. Their constructive criticism helps us to find and understand pain points so we can create solutions that will work better for our customers in the future.

Not being good enough for Mikka, that’s a FAIL! But you can hold us to it Mikka, we will get better.


We’re committed to improving our customer service, growing our social and blowing expectations one customer at a time. Connect with us and together let’s work to achieve your online needs.

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