We don’t want to solicit Adrian, our digital marketing associate’s kittens (wink wink @GoDaddy) and we don’t want to spend our client’s money on a Super Bowl Commercial so instead…

We want to ask for your help in creating a “101domain Super Commercial”!


Adrian’s unsolicited, very content kittens

Many of you have told us that you like our website’s search function. Some of you have told us that you like our domain management interface and features. No matter what your favorite part of 101domain.com is, upload and share a short video of your best experience with us.

Each client who submits a video will get a 20% discount coupon good towards your next purchase.  If we choose your video to be part of our commercial, we’ll give you a one-hundred dollar 101domain name gift certificate.  The submission we choose to be the most “Super Commercial” of them all will win a Bose Bluetooth Mini Speaker!

Please try to keep your video under 3 minutes and send a link to the video to [email protected].


– No purchase is necessary.

– Only 1 entry per client.

– Video links must be received before next Thursday, February 2nd.

– You can email us the video or a link to where you have it posted such as Dropbox or YouTube.

– There is no guarantee that your video will be used.

– By submitting your video you are giving us permission to use the video as well as your name, likeness, and images for commercial purposes.

– Prizes will be awarded before February 20, 2017.