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Like many other companies, the international team of 101domain started to work from home last month to help to reduce the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). To make the home office more enjoyable and to not lose touch between different departments and offices around the world, we started to implement social hours after work as well as keep up the good spirits by hosting online challenges and games. In May, we want to share the online resources we use at the moment; and who knows, maybe even once we are back at the office.

Web resources for you

1. HouseParty

The online resource HouseParty is a face-to-face social network that can help you to connect with your coworkers during home office times. The app alerts you when your coworkers are “in the office” and ready to start a conversation or Happy Hour with the team. For the 101domain team, HouseParty is the next best thing to meeting up in person.

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Back in the day, the site was created to share family moments online with loved ones. After a while, it became a memory-style game with a set of cards for the whole family or team. Here at 101domain, we asked for baby pictures as well as for a current shot and challenged coworkers and our boss to match the cards. To be fair, it sounds easier than it is. Go and try it with your team, it’s fun!

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3. Drawful

Jackbox Games offers a wide variety of digital games that you can download or use online. To play, all you need is a phone or a web-enabled device that you can use as a controller. We decided to play Drawful, where each player receives a weird and unique prompt that he or she must try to draw. After your coworkers finish their work, the other players anonymously submit their tips. The goal is to find the correct answer while fooling others into selecting your decoy answer.

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4. exploded in usage over the last month when social distancing measures started to lock us up at home. If your team likes to play group card games, it will love the online version of it. It is easy to launch a game and share your screen through the video chat and create a virtual break room. To keep meetings interesting, you can simply play it during video conferences. However, the game is addictive, so better check with your manager first.

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5. JeopardyLabs

With the help of JeopardyLabs, you can create a customized jeopardy game template that can be played online from anywhere, also the comfort of your home office. To build your own game, you can use the simple editor that is provided or browse the jeopardy templates that were created by other people. You can use Google Workspace (formerly G Suite’s) Meet app to connect with other players, open up the game in a web browser, and share your screen.

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