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Welcome, April! 

This spring, we want to focus on how to work better together. To help you achieve your teamwork goals this year, the 101domain team shares some of the most helpful web resources with you.

1. FreeRice

FreeRice allows you to play a game and do some good at the same time. By answering questions from a variety of categories correctly, sponsors donate money. Each question you answer correctly equals the amount of money needed to buy 5 grains of rice.


2. is an easy to use online mind mapping service that helps students or professionals to brainstorm together. You can write down ideas and share them with the rest of the team without installing anything onto your device of choice.

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3. Scratch

Scratch is a free educational, block-based programming language that allows you to create interactive stories, music, games, and more. It can be accessed using the online editor or downloaded to your device. You simply drag blocks from the block palette and attach them to other blocks to create your masterpiece.

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4. Gmail

When you sign up for Google Workspace, you can use Gmail for all your email communication but instead of using your @gmail address, you can setup a professional email address ending in @yourdomainname for no extra cost. Additionally, it allows you to create and share documents right from Gmail to collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

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5. Gust

Gust is a SaaS platform for founding, operating, and investing in high-growth companies with the world’s largest community of entrepreneurs and early-stage investors from 192 countries. It pioneered the equity funding collaboration industry and is the official platform of the world’s leading angel investor federations and venture accelerators.

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