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We know the most popular domain extension in the world is .COM domain. It makes up more than 50% off all domain name registrations on the Internet combined! But at 101domain, we offer way more than just .COM domain. In fact, we have the largest selection of top-level domains found anywhere. For this reason, we thought it would be interesting to analyze all domains under our management to tell you which are the 10 most popular domain extensions at 101domain.

101domain’s 10 most popular domain extensions

.com domain is the most popular domain extension

#1 .com domain

Not only is .com domain the Internet’s most registered domain, but it is also the number one registered domain extension at 101domain year after year. Created for “commercial” use in 1985, the .com domain now has over 150 million registrations. In some ways, this is a good thing because people automatically associate website URLs with “.com,” but it can also be hard to find new and meaningful domain names in .com since it is so popular and has been around for so long.

.ai domain is the second most popular domain extension

#2 .ai domain

The .ai domain is a highly sought-after domain extension. Although .ai domain is officially the domain extension for Anguilla, many people and startups register .ai domain names for artificial intelligence. It wasn’t until 2016 that people started repurposing the domain for AI that it climbed the ranks and has remained one of the most popular domain extensions out there. The market for .ai domain names is still relatively new, and there are no “premium domain” prices, meaning there are plentiful opportunities to score a great name in the .ai namespace.

.net domain is the third most popular domain extension

#3 .net domain

The .net domain is another legacy top-level domain like .com. They are both owned by Verisign. The .net domain extension is often seen as a second-best option when your name is not available in .com. It’s also one of many extensions we believe every business should own. The last thing you want is a competitor or cybersquatter building a competing or fraudulent website with your name on .net domain because it could confuse your customers. The .net domain is a popular choice because it is well-known, affordable, and has no registration restrictions.

.org domain

#4 .org domain

The .org domain is another legacy TLD that consistently dominates the domain registration charts. Created for the use of organizations, the .org domain has become the go-to choice for non-profits and organizations of all kinds. It is often see as a reputable extension, but the price barrier to entry is low and there are no restrictions.

.app domain is google's most popular domain extension

#5 .app domain

The .app domain is brought to you by Google. And like everything Google touches, such as Google Workspace, you know it’s going to be good! The .app domain helps apps get discovered online. All Google domains have built-in security and require SSL certificates which makes them highly desirable. The .app domain extension launched in 2018 and has over 700,000 registrations and counting!

.ae domain

#6 .ae domain

The .ae domain is the official domain for the Arab Emirates. Companies and individuals can register .ae domain. There are no requirements and you do not have to live in the Arab Emirates to own this domain, which is why it is one of our most popular country-code top-level domains. Today, .ae domain has over 150,000 domain name registrations.

.aero domain

#7 .aero domain

The .aero domain was the first top-level domain created for a single industrial theme. What makes .aero domain unique is that it is exclusively for companies and individuals in the aviation industry. Only eligible members of the aerospace community can register names in .aero. To register a .aero domain you must first apply for a SITA-aero ID to verify data, certifying your eligibility like website, company documents, pilot license, or similar. This ensures that all content found on .aero domain is legitimate. domain

#8 domain

The domain is the second-level for the .uk domain. The .uk top-level domain was not available for registration for some time, until 2019 when they opened it up for registrations. In the meantime, became the most popular domain option for British citizens because “.co” is commonly seen as the shorter version of “.com”. With Brexit, the United Kingdom leaving the European Union, we only imagine more people who may have previously been using .eu domain as their main website, will start using this extension in addition.

.in domain

#9 .in domain

The .in domain is the official domain for India. With one of the largest populations in the world, it is not surprising that .in domain is one of our most popular country-code domains. Indians are known for being tech-savvy entrepreneurs. Both companies and individuals can register .in domain. There are no requirements and you do not have to live in India to own this domain. The .in domain is one of the top 25 most registered top-level domains with over 2.3 million domain names on the Internet.

.ru domain

#10 .ru domain

The .ru domain is the official domain for Russia. Companies and individuals can register .ru domain but there are requirements that must be satisfied. The .ru domain is one of the top 10 registered domain extensions with over 4.8 million domain name registrations. Although many .ru domain names are used for good, it is also one of the most cybersquatted domain extensions. This makes it one of the most popular domains for brand protection because Russia does not have a dispute process for domain names infringing on trademarks.

Why do domain extensions matter?

Your website is your digital storefront to the world. The first step in starting a website is selecting a domain name. For years, .com domain has been the go-to choice, but as the Internet has progressed, so has the world of domains. Today, there are hundreds of domain extensions to choose from (like .law and .bank) that may align with your brand better than the legacy CNOBI domains (like .com, .net, and .org).

How to build a domain portfolio with the most popular domain extensions

The domain name you choose will be the main website address for your website, but there are many reasons to grow your domain portfolio. You can register multiple domain extensions and set up web forwarding to redirect visitors to your main domain to make it easier for people to find your website. You can also use domains to protect your brand from cybersquatters and competitors who want to profit from your name and image. Not to mention, in the digital age, there is no better way to advertise your brand than with a short, relevant, and memorable domain name.

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