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Choosing a hosting package can be pretty difficult and takes a lot of consideration. There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to what web hosting options are available in the market. While the different types of hosting all act as a storage place for your website, where they differ is the amount of storage capacity, control, technical knowledge requirement, server speed, and reliability. 

The first step is understanding the different available types of hosting.

Reasons to decide for .AERO

In the early days of the Internet, there were very few mundane choices for domain endings, but since then a lot has changed. The main reasons for a new generic TLD are easily explained: Brand Protection, Branding, Memorability, and last but not least, Availability. With a domain name that ends in .AERO, you can quickly communicate the purpose of your website and create a powerful first impression. A new TLD can also help to stand out by being unique, but apparently being unique and creative is one of the hardest parts when it comes toelecting a domain name.

Various studies ver the last few years have shown that when searching online, users are more likely to click on eye-catching domain names and extensions that tell a story over generic company names. Customers trust companies that show effort and creativity.

Tell a story

There’s nothing like seeing a domain name that tells a two- or three-word-story. You can use .AERO to craft the most meaningful domains possible. Considering a slightly longer web address does make sense if it tells a story, and people don’t just remember it but also like to spread the word. Think about it like a custom license plate. People remember the fun, unique ones and like to share them with their friends. No matter, if you operate a flight school or an aviation museum, with the .AERO domain, you can create memories.

We often hear the question…

…“What if I already own a domain name that I like?” and the answer to this is very easy, use domain web forwarding!

Implementing a new .AERO domain name doesn’t have to mean to simply throw away the old for the new. You don’t have to drop everything you have and jump on the new gTLD train or turn you back on your .COM website. Presenting a new or additional domain name with a website redirect shows your customers or fans that you’re staying ahead of digital trends, which can increase the reach of your audience as well. Making a reasonable effort to create something fresh and new while obtaining a well-known .COM name could make a significant difference.

The best new domain extensions are the ones that are meaningful, that people can identify with, and those are going to be the ones that really change the landscape.

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